Storyteller with Multiple Pens. Motivator. Creative Squirrel. Tea Please. Adores Books, Bees and Trees. BA Hons Lit.

Biography, About

Learn about me, my work and my take on, well, me. Basically it’s all about me

Christie Adams Hiking at Uluru (Hotter than it looks!) — Image created in Canva

🤩 I’m Christie Adams

🌎 My home is in Yorkshire, I’m a born and bred no nonsense Yorkshire woman, over 50, rebellious grandmother and global online entrepreneur

🤷‍♀️ I’m 59, no idea how that happened

💻 My work includes freelance writer, midlife motivator and mentor, blogger, fiction author, creativity coach…

Lifestyle, Climate Change

Last week I asked my Facebook community to get their survival cupboard ready. We laughed, we had fun too

Here’s Why You Really Need to Prep for That Scary Zombie Apocalypse —
Created by Christie Adams in CanvaPro

We planned our community. I asked each of them to suggest their skill, what luxury item they’d bring.

Check out the conversation on my timeline.

Then this happened

This week in UK some people have had no power for SEVEN days!

Now funnily enough this probably wouldn’t happen down South — no of…

Equality, Diversity

I believe we should get a female military style hero all of our own

Why I No Longer Think We Need a Female James Bond —
Created by Christie Adams in CanvaPro

‘The aim to increase the number of women recruited into the military to 30% by 2030 is more than double the current target.’*



Role Models

I used to think we needed a female James Bond, I don’t now.

I believe we should get a female military style hero all…

Online Business, Risk Management

I’m in the UK, but this is a timely reminder for us all

Amazon is Making it Harder to Pay Them — Should We Be Worried? —
Created by Christie Adams in CanvaPro

Eggs and baskets, people, eggs and baskets.

Amazon has announced that in 2022,

‘…we will unfortunately no longer accept any Visa credit cards issued in the UK, due to the high fees Visa charges for processing credit card transactions…’

This is following eBay earlier in the year shifting which payments…

Happiness, Careers

Yes, you heard me, half of the workforce believe they are spending their days doing a job which doesn’t make the most of their talents

Half Of Us Think We’re In The Wrong Job —
Created by Christie Adams in CanvaPro

50% of people think they are in the wrong job!

Worse still, that’s half of people working hard for employers, who don’t believe the job suits them.

It isn’t fulfilling of value or bringing them a sense of achievement.

Sad, but understandable

After all, someone has to pay the bills right?

Someone has to put food on the table.

Been there. Done that


Entrepreneurship, Side Hustle

With so much emphasis on apparent overnight success, it’s often difficult to understand that it can take years to achieve it

Making Six Figures is Not as Easy as They Say, But It’s Still Possible — side hustle — entrepreneurship —
Created by Christie Adams in CanvaPro

He’s sure as heck not the only one to say it, but Richard Branson hit the nail on the head.

There are no quick wins in business — it takes years to become an overnight success.

- Richard Branson

Your social media feeds are ram packed with ideas of how…

500 Words, Flash Fiction

Cordelia threw the dust into the flames

The Final Spell — witch — curse — love potion —
Created by Christie Adams in CanvaPro

They roared and spat in angry response. Sparks of emerald and sapphire flew high in the air before the fire settling to a gentle orange glow.

As it dimmed, she rolled the tip of the arrow in the heat, watched it glow crimson before pulling it out and dropping it…

Christie Adams - Writer

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