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Your Story Matters. Write Now. Creative Squirrel. Midlife Motivator. Book Lover. Fiction. WFH. Tea Please. BA Hons Lit.

Biography, About

Learn about me, my work and my take on, well, me. Basically it’s all about me

Christie Adams Hiking at Uluru (Hotter than it looks!) — Image created in Canva

🤩 I’m Christie Adams

🌎 My home is in Yorkshire, I’m a born and bred no nonsense Yorkshire woman, over 50, rebellious grandmother and global online entrepreneur

🤷‍♀️ I’m 59, no idea how that happened

💻 My work includes freelance writer, midlife motivator and mentor, blogger, fiction author, creativity coach for new writers, podcaster, You Tuber

📱I support mid-lifers as they pivot, often into solopreneurs, workers from home (WFH), newbie social media influencers, you get the idea

⌨️ Motivation, information and inspiration in bitesize, non-jargon packed, easy to understand posts and media content

🐿 Multi-passionate squirrel

❤️ Eco advocate. Books…

Content Writing, Writer’s Tips

I see so many Medium writers stressing about curation and distribution, publications, and more that I wanted to reassure them

Medium Stats comparison —

Curation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Or at least I’m not convinced yet.

I have two Medium accounts, in two pen names. Laughingly I will call this one my ‘main’ account. This is the one which links back to my website, Christie Adams Writer — Book and Midlife Adventures

I have blogged on and off there for years. It’s also where admittedly I am far from consistent on Medium at least.

I feel passionate about my topics but life gets in the way. You know how it is.

My other ‘side’ account is in a genre that can’t get curated

I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

But it’s a topic that sells.

I stress, it can’t get…

Writing Tips

I am writing two novels alongside each other. Depending on my mood, I can jump from a post apocalyptic world into one with a serial killer!

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing — Woman editing at a desk
Created by Christie Adams in Canva

I know, dark eh, I blame CSI and Terminator. I watched them way too much in my formative years.

In my first book, my plot is tight, my characters feel alive, to me at least. So now I’m knuckling down to the editing. I have recognised some silly mistakes I need to remove from my writing. They are simple mistakes anyone can make, so maybe you’ll need to think about them and do the same with your work.

Start getting familiar with your delete key. Your characters will thank you, or at least your readers will. …

Mindset, Motivation, Career Change

By planning your escape or next steps, it can manage the fear and create solid foundations

Five Things You Need to Think About As You Plan to Leave The Day Job
Created by Christie Adams in Canva

You can listen to the original content on Episode #057 of my Midlife Isn’t A Crisis Podcast

Why listen to me?

I’ve been through it. I know what it’s like. So many career changes. Redundancy, voluntary transfers, complete shifts of direction, the complete kit and caboodle of career pivots.

At least once the employment contract change came in that wonderfully disempowering way of ‘here’s the offer, take it or leave.’ I moved from one brand to another, under this ‘do you want a job or not’ strategy. One day I at a desk working for a small, caring local company. The next day, I…

Created by Christie Adams in Canva

You can now read my new thriller

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know more about them in their second darker investigation in the Burned Series Book Two.

And of course imagine myself pounding the streets of my beloved Sheffield landscape.

Damaged — A Jezzabelle Jones Thriller

Jezzabelle ‘Belle’ Jones, insurance investigator, returns in this dark story of abuse, murder and hidden secrets.

An inferno rages in Morton House Children’s Home. Once the firefighters get the fire under control, they discover bones in the cellar.

They soon realise the bones don’t belong to one fire victim. These are the bones of children buried there over the years.

Belle again works with Mac, a retired…

The Power Of Books

You know I love books, but some are more influential (dangerous?) than others

Abortion Rights to Assassinations. Can They All Be Blamed on a Book?
Created by Christie Adams in Canva

Should we ever ban a book, is it better to keep it in the open and enable us to debate, or should we force it off the bookshelves.

As a white woman, outside the US, mother of a woman, grandmother of girls (and boy) I need to speak to a topic high on the media agenda right now.

Whilst this issue obviously isn’t unique to the US, it is the one that has pushed it to the fore in the current media storm.

Gilead, a fictional world?

Texas has highlighted the current terrifying Gilead* theme to politics. Without going into details, they have outlawed…


FREE fiction ebook and my apology for messing up

Created by Christie Adams in Canva

Since my last newsletter…

I’ve been so focussed on production I have totally neglected these updates. So sorry! I realise that in trying to bring you more, I’ve actually delivered less. I truly will try to bring you updates more often. Maybe my FREE ebook will make up for my absence.

What’ve I been up to?

Midlife Isn’t A Crisis Podcast

I’ve been having loads of downloads in Denmark! How cool is that, I love it there! I’m truly global.


Yep, always. This month has been my thriller proof reading. I’m researching a new genre and the craft of writing. Always learning.

See the link at the end of…

SEO, Pinterest

I know, you’re busy. Medium is really helpful and gives you the option to just click and add an image, no problem. But how about using just a few more clicks and maximising the impact of the image?

A wooden board with coffee and SEO scribbled on it
Created by Christie Adams in Canva

Did you even know you can use the image in a much more productive way?

You know you need to add an image to Medium, but did you know that by just spending a few more minutes you can enhance the appeal of your post and even boost your SEO?

It’s so easy to just click on Unsplash and add a free image, isn’t it?

No judgment. I used to do that all the time. Then I found a better way.

There are so many users on Medium now, a static Unsplash image is likely to have been shared on…

Pandemic, Brexit

In a slight deviation from the usual evergreen content I thought I’d drop a quick post to update my overseas friends

Created by Christie Adams in Canva

Forgive my slide from optimism into irony, just for a moment

To my non-UK peeps

If we go quiet over here its because

- Nandos ran out of chicken

- McDs ran out of milkshake

- The loo roll shortage is likely to recur

- The biggest sausage roll shop ever, is running out of stock

- Christmas is looking doubtful…

Now we can’t grow much over here. Floods and truck parks saw to that.

What we do grow can’t be picked, coz we forgot how to do that and those that helped out have gone home.

So, if you can’t get hold of us. We may be…

  • gardening (Prepping for next year’s veg patch)
  • walking (Foraging, not mushrooms, too dodgy, but…

Flash Fiction

500 words inspired by the throw of a dice

Created by Christie Adams in Canva

I turned the key, heard the reassuring click as the lock dropped into place.

It could be weeks, months, maybe years before I retrieve the contents of the locker. If at all.

I sealed the key in the envelope, ready to mail to my accountant alongside my new will and ‘Do Not Open Until After My Death’ instructions.

My whole life I’d worked to provide for my family. Now they were gone. I was lost for a while. Then the plan took hold.

From a germ of an idea. An off-the-cuff remark made at the funeral. …

Christie Adams - Writer

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